Ode to Jack (at 80) Excerpt

Who do we know that’s handsome and charming

Yet, on raising his eyebrows can look quite alarming

Who alone can the World’s problems unravel

While he drives his Jag and scoffs at free-travel ?

Crowd reply: “JACK” !


Who tonight, at ninety two

Pretends that he’s eighty to me and you

Who feigns that he’s sick – and then starts to grouse

So Lisa can come running - and clean  up his house ?



I can see him now – he’s rubbing his belly

With thoughts of Formula One on his brand new telly

He’s going to get healthy and turn Vegetarian

So tell me, - who’s our favourite octogenarian ?



Yet who do we love and wish only well

Who’s our pal that we think is swell

Who is the auld fellow that we love the most

And to whom shall we raise our glasses for a special birthday toast?


Ode to Johnny – Excerpt

Years passed, that’s the thing about life

Nothing’s easy – he broke up from his wife

Darkness set in – there was no growth

A difficult time – difficult for both.


Little by little he rejected being lonely

He finally met a girl called Morley

She appeared - as though sent from above

And Johnny O’ Brien fell deeply in love.


In April, under the New Zealand sky

They declared their love ‘till the day they’d die”

I got no invitation – don’t worry – it’s fine

Though I distinctly remember inviting you to mine!


Let us raise our glasses to this extraordinary man

And drink his health – while we still can

Long happy years of love, hard work and play

Johnny Old Pal – Happy Birthday!

“Owed” to Julie Excerpt


Mags took her off to France for the crack

When she left, she was sallow and fair

But when she came home she was blacker than black

All thanks to the New Vaseline Intensive Care


Our “stick insect” went through a “semi-goth” stage

She might have ended in jail

Drinking cider  was all the rage

In that haunted house behind Meadowvale


Mad into cars - she dreamt of the day

When she could buy a Mc Laren

She’d also buy, I hasten to say –

A clapped out Mini - for her sisters Eimear and Karen.


Her mom looks down on this night

So proud of the girl that she made

She’ll always be in you and her special light

Will never ever fade.